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|Surah| 18. Al-Kahf |Juz| 15 |Ruku| 3 | |Ruku| Dwellers in the Cave | |Hizb| 30 |Ayat| 21 |Next
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|Transliteration 1|Wakathalika aAAtharna AAalayhim liyaAAlamoo anna waAAda Allahi haqqun waanna alsaAAata la rayba feeha ith yatanazaAAoona baynahum amrahum faqaloo ibnoo AAalayhim bunyanan rabbuhum aAAlamu bihim qala allatheena ghalaboo AAala amrihim lanattakhithanna AAalayhim masjidan

|Transliteration 3|Wakathalika a`tharna `alayhim liya`lamuw anna wa`da Allahi haqqun wAnna alsa`ata la ray-ba fiyha ith yatanaza`uwna baynahum amrahum faqaAluwA_A. ibnuw `alayhim bunyanan rabbuhum a`lamu bihim qala allathiyna ghalabuw `alaYE amrihim lanattakheaidhaAnna `alayhim masjidan

|English|In this way We revealed their secret to the people of the city so that they should know that Allah's promise is true and that there is no doubt about (the coming of) the Hour of Resurrection. (But it is a pity that instead of considering this aspect of the matter) they were at that time disputing among themselves with regard to them (the Sleepers of the Cave). Some of them said, "Let us build a wall against them, for then Lord alone knows best about them” But those people who prevailed in their matter, said, "We will build a place of worship as a memorial for them"
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