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| Next |LAN_SUB | never | لَنْ |
Translation:They replied, "Glory be to You. You alone are free from defect. We possess only that much knowledge which You have given us. Indeed You alone are All-Knowing and All-Wise."
Translit: Qaloo subhanaka la AAilma lana illa ma AAallamtana innaka anta alAAaleemu alhakeemu

|2|la: so|
|4|lana: for us (masc. & fem., 1st. person, pl.)|
|8|innaka: indeed you|
|9|anta: you|
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|1|||| () ||||||| | lan لَن

Translation: They say, "None shall enter Paradise unless he be a Jew or according to the Christians) a Christian." These are their wishful fancies. Say to them, "Bring your proof, if you are right in your claim."
Translit: Waqaloo lan yadkhula aljannata illa man kana hoodan aw nasara tilka amaniyyuhum qul hatoo burhanakum in kuntum sadiqeena

|1|lan: will never [will not]|ہرگز
|5|man: who?|کون
|6|kana: |تھا
|8|aw: rather|يا
|16|kuntum: |تھے
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|3|||| () ||||||| | lan ya لَن يَ

Translation:They also say, "The fire of Hell is not going to touch us, and even if it does at all, it will be only for a few days". Say, "Have you obtained a promise from Allah which He would not break? Or, do you attribute to Allah things you do not know?
Translit: Waqaloo lan tamassana alnnaru illa ayyaman maAAdoodatan qul attakhathtum AAinda Allahi AAahdan falan yukhlifa Allahu AAahdahu am taqooloona AAala Allahi ma la taAAlamoona

|1|lan: will never [will not]|ہرگز
|12|falan: so will never [will not]|ہرگز
|16|am: whether|يا
|21|la: so|
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|5|||| () ||||||9| | lan ta لَن تَ

Translation: Remember: You grumbled: "O Moses, we cannot endure one and the same sort of food. Pray your Lord to bring for us the products of the earth green herbs, vegetables, corn, garlic, onions, pulses and the like." Moses replied: "What! would you exchange that which is meaner for that which is nobler? Well, go and live in a town and you will get there what you demand." By and by, they became so degraded that disgrace and humiliation, misery and wretchedness were stamped upon them and they incurred Allahs wrath. That was because they began to reject the Revelations of Allah78 and kill His Messengers without any just cause; that was the consequence of their disobedience and their persistent transgression against the Law.
Translit: wa ith qultum ya moosa lan nasbira AAala taAAamin wahidin faodAAu lana rabbaka yukhrij lana mimma tunbitu alardu min baqliha wa qiththaiha wa foomiha wa AAadasiha wa basaliha qala atastabdiloona allathee huwa adna biallathee huwa khayrun ihbitoo misran fainna lakum ma saaltum wa duribat AAalayhimu alththillatu wa almaskanatu wabaoo bighadabin mina Allahi thalika biannahum kanoo yakfuroona biayati Allahi wa yaqtuloona alnnabiyyeena bighayri alhaqqi thalika bima AAasaw wa kanoo yaAAtadoona

|0|wa: and|
|1|ith: and/while|
|5|lan: will never [will not]|ہرگز
|11|lana: for us (masc. & fem., 1st. person, pl.)|
|14|lana: for us (masc. & fem., 1st. person, pl.)|
|15|mimma: in what|کس چيز سے
|18|min: from|سے
|20|wa: and|
|22|wa: and|
|24|wa: and|
|26|wa: and|
|31|huwa: he|
|34|huwa: he|
|39|lakum: for you (masc., 2nd. person, pl.)|
|42|wa: and|
|46|wa: and|
|54|kanoo: |تھي
|58|wa: and|
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|7|||| () ||||||9| | lan na لَن نَّ

Translation:Say to them, "Nothing (good or bad) can befall us except that which Allah has destined for us: Allah is our Guardian and the Believers should put their trust in Him alone."
Translit: Qul lan yuseebana illa ma kataba Allahu lana huwa mawlana waAAala Allahi falyatawakkali almuminoona

|1|lan: will never [will not]|ہرگز
|7|lana: for us (masc. & fem., 1st. person, pl.)|
|8|huwa: he|
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|10|||| () ||||||3| | lan yu لَن يُ

Translation:As for those, who have adopted the attitude of disbelief,8 neither their riches nor their children shall avail them against Allah: they shall become fuel for Hell.
Translit: Inna allatheena kafaroo lan tughniya AAanhum amwaluhum wala awladuhum mina Allahi shayan waolaika hum waqoodu alnnari

|3|lan: will never [will not]|ہرگز
|13|hum: they|
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|12|||| () ||||||6| | lan tu لَن تُ

Translation: Remember when you said, "O Moses, we are not going to believe you until we see with our own eyes Allah (talking to you)". At that very time a thunderbolt struck you while you were looking on and you fell lifeless.
Translit: Waith qultum ya moosa lan numina laka hatta nara Allaha jahratan faakhathatkumu alssaAAiqatu waantum tanthuroona

|4|lan: will never [will not]|ہرگز
|6|laka: for you (masc., 2nd. person, sing.)|
|7|hatta: for [that]|
|13|waantum: and you|
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|14|||| () ||||||3| | lan nu لَن نُّ

Translation:Their father replied, "I will never send him with you until you give me a pledge in Allahs name that you shall bring him back to me unless it be that you are rendered helpless by circumstances." When they had given him their solemn pledges he said, "Note it well that Allah is guarding and watching over this pledge of ours."
Translit: Qala lan orsilahu maAAakum hatta tutooni mawthiqan mina Allahi latatunnanee bihi illa an yuhata bikum falamma atawhu mawthiqahum qala Allahu AAala ma naqoolu wakeelun

|1|lan: will never [will not]|ہرگز
|4|hatta: for [that]|
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|16|||| () ||||||9| | lan o لَن أُ
lan ya
lan ta
lan na
lan _a
lan yu
lan tu
lan nu
lan _u