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Translation:When Our Revelations are recited to huh, he turns his face away disdainfully as though he did not hear theta, as though his ears were deaf. Well, give him the good news of a painful torment.
Translit: Waitha tutla AAalayhi ayatuna walla mustakbiran kaan lam yasmaAAha kaanna fee othunayhi waqran fabashshirhu biAAathabin aleemin
|0|Waitha ()
|1|tutla ()
|2|AAalayhi: on him (masc., 3rd. person, sing.)| ()
|3|ayatuna ()
|4|walla ()
|5|mustakbiran ()
|6|kaan ()
|7|lam: did not|بالکل (1 jus_part)
|8|yasmaAAha (1 jus_part)
|9|kaanna (1 jus_part)
|10|fee: in|ميں (1 sep_prep)
|11|othunayhi (1 sep_prep)
|12|waqran (1 sep_prep)
|13|fabashshirhu (1 sep_prep)
|14|biAAathabin (1 sep_prep)
|15|aleemin (1 sep_prep)
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|1|||| () ||||||| | kaanna كانَّ