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| Next |KAANA_IMPERF | yakuwnu | were | يَكُوْنُ | فَتَكوّنوّنَ سَوان
Translation:They really wish that you should also become disbelievers, as they themselves are so that both may become alike. So you should not take friends from among them unless they migrate in the way of Allah; and if they do not migrate, then seize them wherever you find them and slay them and do not take any of them as friends and helpers.
Translit: Waddoo law takfuroona kama kafaroo fatakoonoona sawaan fala tattakhithoo minhum awliyaa hatta yuhajiroo fee sabeeli Allahi fain tawallaw fakhuthoohum waoqtuloohum haythu wajadtumoohum wala tattakhithoo minhum waliyyan wala naseeran


|1|law|2| kfr




|5|fatakoonoona|6. noun s


|7|fala|8| ttkhth


|9|minhum: Preposition: from them (masc., 3rd. person, pl.)|


|11|hatta: for [that]| Subjunctive Part|12| hjr


|13|fee:in|ميں Preposition


|15|Allahi|16. noun







|22|wala|23| ttkhth


|24|minhum: Preposition: from them (masc., 3rd. person, pl.)||25. noun wl


|26|wala|27. noun ns

| | Listen||
|1|||| () ||||||| | fatakoonoona sawaan فَتَكوّنوّنَ سَوان
فَيَكُونُ تَيرَن
Translation:(And when he came as a Messenger to the children of Israel, he said,) "I have come to you with a clear Sign from your Lord: in your very presence, I make the likeness of a bird out of clay and breathe into it and it becomes, by Allahs Command, a bird. I heal those born blind and the lepers and I bring to life the dead by Allahs Command: I inform you of what you eat and what you store up in your houses. Surely there is a great Sign for you in all this, if you have a mind to believe.
Translit: Warasoolan ila banee israeela annee qad jitukum biayatin min rabbikum annee akhluqu lakum mina altteeni kahayati alttayri faanfukhu feehi fayakoonu tayran biithni Allahi waobrio alakmaha waalabrasa waohyee almawta biithni Allahi waonabbiokum bima takuloona wama taddakhiroona fee buyootikum inna fee thalika laayatan lakum in kuntum mumineena
Segments|0. noun Wrs


|1|ila:until/to|تک/کي طرف Preposition



|4|annee: so indeed I|


|6|jitukum|7. noun by

|7|biayatin|8. noun m

|8|min:from|سے Preposition


|10|annee: so indeed I|


|12|lakum: for you (masc., 2nd. person, pl.)|






|18|feehi: in him (masc., 3rd. person, sing.)|

|19|fayakoonu|20. noun t












|31|bima|32| kl


|33|wama|34| ddkhr


|35|fee:in|ميں Preposition



|38|fee:in|ميں Preposition

|39|thalika|40. noun ly


|41|lakum: for you (masc., 2nd. person, pl.)||42. noun


|43|kuntum: |تھے kana Form:9)

| | Listen||
|3|||| () ||||||| | fayakoonu tayran فَيَكُونُ تَيرَن
وَيَكُونُونَ عَلَيهِم
Translation:But they will have no supporter; all of them will not only disown their worship but also become their opponents.
Translit: Kalla sayakfuroona biAAibadatihim wayakoonoona AAalayhim diddan





|4|AAalayhim: on them (masc., 3rd. person, pl.)||5. noun d

| | Listen||
|5|||| () ||||||| | wayakoonoona AAalayhim وَيَكُونُونَ عَلَيهِم
يَكُونُونَ عَلَيهِ
Translation:And that when the servant of Allah stood up to invoke Him, the people were ready to assault him.
Translit: Waannahu lamma qama AAabdu Allahi yadAAoohu kadoo yakoonoona AAalayhi libadan





|4|Allahi|5| dAAooh


|6|kadoo|7| koon


|8|AAalayhi: on him (masc., 3rd. person, sing.)||9. noun lb

| | Listen||
|7|||| () ||||||| | yakoonoona AAalayhi يَكُونُونَ عَلَيهِ
fatakoonoona sawaan
fayakuwnu tayran
wayakuwnuwna AAalayhim
yakuwnuwna AAalayhi