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Translation:Allah cites these parables for the benefit of people so that they learn a lesson from them. And an evil word may be likened to an evil tree; which is torn out from the earth and has no stability.
Translit: Wamathalu kalimatin khabeethatin kashajaratin khabeethatin ijtuththat min fawqi alardi ma laha min qararin

|0|Wamathalu|1. noun klm

|1|kalimatin|2. noun khbth

|2|khabeethatin|3. noun kshjr

|3|kashajaratin|4. noun khbth


|5|ijtuththat|6. noun m

|6|min:from|سے Preposition




|10|laha: for her (fem., 3rd. person, sing.)||11. noun m

|11|min:from|سے Preposition|12. noun qr

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|1|||| () ||||||| | fawqi فَوقِ
Translation:(It was to carry out His secret plan that) He said, "O Jesus, now I will recall you and raise you up to Myself and cleanse you of (the uncongenial company and the filthy environment of ) those who have rejected you and will set up those who follow you above those who have rejected you till the Day of Resurrection. And ultimately all of you shall return to Me: then I will judge between you in what you differ,
Translit: Ith qala Allahu ya AAeesa innee mutawaffeeka warafiAAuka ilayya wamutahhiruka mina allatheena kafaroo wajaAAilu allatheena ittabaAAooka fawqa allatheena kafaroo ila yawmi alqiyamati thumma ilayya marjiAAukum faahkumu baynakum feema kuntum feehi takhtalifoona






|5|innee: indeed I|



|8|ilayya: towards me (masc. & fem., 1st. person, sing.)|











|19|ila:until/to|تک/کي طرف Preposition



|22|thumma: after that/then/thereupon|پھر Conjunction:

|23|ilayya: towards me (masc. & fem., 1st. person, sing.)||24| mrjA


|25|faahkumu|26| by

|26|baynakum: among you (masc., 2nd. person, pl.)|

|27|feema: why|کس چيز ميں Interrogatory Pronoun

|28|kuntum: |تھے kana Form:9)

|29|feehi: in him (masc., 3rd. person, sing.)||30| khtlf

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|3|||| () ||||||| | fawqa فَوقَ
Translation:Of course, those who truly feared their Lord, for them there are high mansions, built with story upon story, beneath which there will be canals flowing. This is Allah's promise: Allah never fails in His promise.
Translit: Lakini allatheena ittaqaw rabbahum lahum ghurafun min fawqiha ghurafun mabniyyatun tajree min tahtiha alanharu waAAda Allahi la yukhlifu Allahu almeeAAada



|2|ittaqaw|3| rb


|4|lahum: for them (masc., 3rd. person, pl.)||5. noun ghr

|5|ghurafun|6. noun m

|6|min:from|سے Preposition

|7|fawqiha|8. noun ghr

|8|ghurafun|9. noun mbnyy


|10|tajree|11. noun m

|11|min:from|سے Preposition

|12|tahtiha|13. noun nhr




|16|la: so||17| khlf



| | Listen||
|5|||| () ||||||| | fawqiha فَوقِهَا
Translation: Well, Allah is not ashamed to cite the similitude of a gnat or of something even more insignificant than this. As for those who believe, they come to know from the same similitude that it is the Revelation from their Lord; but those who disbelieve, say, "What does Allah mean by such similitudes?" Allah leads astray many and guides many to the right way by the same thing. And He leads astray only those who disobey Allah;
Translit: Inna Allaha la yastahyee an yadriba mathalan ma baAAoodatan fama fawqaha faamma allatheena amanoo fayaAAlamoona annahu alhaqqu min rabbihim waamma allatheena kafaroo fayaqooloona matha arada Allahu bihatha mathalan yudillu bihi katheeran wayahdee bihi katheeran wama yudillu bihi illa alfasiqeena



|2|la: so|

|3|yastahyee|4. noun


|5|yadriba|6. noun mth


|7|ma|8. noun bAAd








|15|annahu: so indeed he||16. noun hqq

|16|alhaqqu|17. noun m

|17|min:from|سے Preposition






|23|matha: what?|کيا Interrogatory Pronoun



|26|bihatha|27. noun mth

|27|mathalan|28| dll


|29|bihi|30. noun kth



|32|bihi|33. noun kth


|34|wama|35| dll




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|8|||| () ||||||| | fawqaha فَوقَهَا